Monday, October 17, 2005

TechNet Monthly recap -Virtualisation

I attended the Microsoft TechNet Monthly seminar event titled "Virtualisation; automation and clustering" out at the offices of Microsoft Canada.
The presentation highlighted their Virtual PC 2005 software and the config you have to go through when running MS-Windows 2003 Server - Enterprise Edition. I was a little surprised iSCSI wasn't support (yet!) but will be added in the "R2" product. Novell NetWare,OES & SuSE support this out-of-the-box.
Strange that the Virtual PC 2005 software doesn't have the ability to do snapshots out of the box like VMware. You'd have to get into that tangled world of VBscript to get it done.

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Blake Handler said...

I attended a similar event -- and noticed the buzz-word "virtualization” being used a lot too. . .the other new buzz-word for me was “federation” or “federated” meaning two different IM system talking to each other (as in Live Communications Server talking to “any other” server)