Monday, October 17, 2005

Novell eDirectory v8.8 announcement today

Today, Novell announced the arrival of Novell eDirectory v8.8 today.
"Novell eDirectory version 8.8 marks a major milestone for the eDirectory product line, enhancing many of the capabilities required for high-end deployments. Improvements in eDirectory 8.8 will dramatically simplify the product's installation and the process for updating support packs and patches - both of which help to reduce the time and cost of administration, as well as significantly simplify an eDirectory rollout. It also features better and faster performance and improved security features, including the option of end-to-end encryption of directory data."
For more information on Novell eDirectory please see _here_.

Also if you're weighing the product against the Microsoft branded option it shouldn't take too long as eDir is the hands down winner. See this PDF.

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