Tuesday, October 18, 2005

GWSkype for GroupWise -free!

It was inevitable. GWSkype for GroupWise. OpenNet Software Ltd's first Wiselet.
"...provides complete integration of Skype with the GroupWise client, allowing GroupWise users to use Skype from the GroupWise Client, and providing GWBusiness-style integration - matching users from GroupWise's Address Books with Skype users in GWSkype creates an Address Book of Skype contacts.
GWSkype allows you to do all this from the GroupWise Client:
* Call Skype users
* Chat with Skype users
* Send files to Skype users
* Check Skype Users' Online Status
* View the Online Status of all your Skype Buddies
* View a list of recent Skype contacts
* Match GroupWise and Skype contacts
* Open Skype's 'Add a Contact' Window
* Maximize Skype's Main Window "
Get it _here.

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